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The Position Statement: The RDL Position

This article is our second installment in our Position Statement series, which teaches our progression for the snatch, the clean, and the jerk. In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about performing the snatch and the clean from the RDL position.

This article covers what the RDL position is, three set-up variations, specific benefits, programming tips, and more!

Read time: 12-15 min

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How to RDL

Note: This tutorial first appeared as a guest article I wrote for Mike Robertson's website. You can view the original article here: Robertson Training Systems.

The Romanian Deadlift is one of the most important strength exercises out there and should be a staple in any training program.

Not only is the RDL great for developing glute and hamstring strength, but it complements the training effects of other exercises such as the Olympic lifts, squats, and deadlifts.

Learn how to perform or teach the RDL and how to use it to improve performance.

Read time: 12-15 min

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The Position Statement: The Power Position

A lot of people approach the Olympic lifts with the wrong mindset.They either rush into them, thinking they can perfect them in just a few days, or they are completely intimidated by them and avoid them altogether.

This article details the "power position", which is an important variation of the snatch and the clean to begin teaching these lifts. You will also see how this variation can be used in the training of already-proficient athletes, plus things to take into account when programming these lifts.

Read time: 25-30 min

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