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Influence of Posture 101

“Tight” hamstrings afflict many people and can have significant effects on how they perform a number of movements. Today’s post will demonstrate why stretching the hamstrings may not be the solution if you experience tight hamstrings. We’ll focus on the influence of posture and position on the state of our muscles.

Mobility limitations often present themselves as a sensation of “tightness” in certain areas of the body when performing certain exercises. The go-to approach for many is to stretch the area that feels tight. However, this approach does not address other factors that may contribute to tight muscles. As a result, after weeks, months, or even years of stretching, many individuals experience little, if any, relief from their tight muscles.

Learn more about the influence of excessive lumbar extension and anterior pelvic tilt.

Read time: 5-7 min

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The Position Statement: The Power Position

A lot of people approach the Olympic lifts with the wrong mindset.They either rush into them, thinking they can perfect them in just a few days, or they are completely intimidated by them and avoid them altogether.

This article details the "power position", which is an important variation of the snatch and the clean to begin teaching these lifts. You will also see how this variation can be used in the training of already-proficient athletes, plus things to take into account when programming these lifts.

Read time: 25-30 min

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Interview with Kendrick Farris

Kendrick Farris was kind enough to sit down with me before he heads to London to represent Team USA in the sport of weightlifting at his second Olympics.

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Learning to Perform

It happens to athletes of all sports, at every level of training and competition. In the weight room, effective utilization of the weightlifting movements (commonly referred to as the Olympic lifts) arguably suffers more than that of any other exercise. This ineffectiveness is due to a critical error in the way the lifts are treated: ignoring the learning phase. The coach does not adequately consider whether the athlete is “learning” or “performing.”

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My Path to Coaching

Before I posted anything about training, coaching, or any of the other topics I plan to cover on this site, I thought it important to provide some background about me. Within health/exercise/sport science, there is a dizzying amount of information available on the web. Learn more about how I got my start and the perspective I bring to the table.

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